Една година

Колко е една година и как може да не забележиш, че е минала ако не се е случило нещо, което ти е направило впечатление?

Вчера докато беряхме лайка усетих, че е минала една година от предишното ни подобно преживяване. За една година се случват толкова неща и годините така неусетно преливат една в друга, че човек рядко си дава равносметка колко се е променил за това време. Аз лично съм доволна от изминалата година- от брането на лайка миналата пролет до брането тази пролет. Така повече ми харесва да означавам изминалото време вместо да използвам календар.  Случиха се много различни неща, а нали това му е хубавото?

Започва се ново отброяване! : )

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Знак от съдбата?

Днес, след като умира втората ми костенурка в период от две седмици, се замислих какво значи пък това, какво се опитва да ми каже съдбата този път?

Миналият път, когато малкият Омар Андрес Пинзон Сезар Гарсия Селио Фильо не доживя и 23 часа при мен си помислих: “Може би така е трябвало да почине на нормално място, на спокойствие и да бъде погребан подобаващо” Когато взимах новия костенурчо си помислих, че след като се е случило така с предшественика му, сега него ще обичам още повече и наистина беше така. Грижех се с внимание за малкия, тъкмо щях да си поръчам учебник от Америка за екзотични животни, всяко негово движение ме радваше. Докато не съдбата, а аз сама предопределих какво ще се случи. По навик вечерта преди да се прибера изгасих лампата му, която трябваше да оставя светната тъй като нямаше да ме има 1 1/2 дни. В събота мислех да се върна в Стара Загора и да поправя грешката си, но не го направих. Въпрос на личен избор.

Сега, когато отново виждам умряло животинче не се опитвам да разбера тайнствените знаци на съдбата. Може би, защото би трябвало да се запитам какъв ветеринар ще бъда щом не мога да се грижа за едно малко животинче, на което държа или дали съдбата не иска да ми каже,че не трябва да гледам костенурки.

Истината е ,че действията, които предприемаме си имат последствия и понякога единственият смисъл е да се поучим от опита си без да търсим знаци от съдбата навсякъде.

П.П Почивай в мир безименен малчо! Ще ми липсваш!

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Daddy = I ?


A few days ago while my father was talking about his past when he was a school boy and later about his years in the university I was listening to him carefully and at a moment I had the feeling that he is not talking about himself but me. His decisions, actions, conclusions … were as if my own.

Then I started wondering how are characters of people are inherited. How people who never saw their parents resemble them in some characteristics of their personalities? Are there some genes? And if personality is inherited then how much of what we are depends on our own choice and upbringing?

I must confess that I have no idea … at least for now. However, it is something that I will try to understand and to share later.

At least in some extent I can see what are results from some decision that he made and perhaps I will make similar one. I guess, it gives me an example to learn from and an opportunity to try to become better that he is.

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Weather forecast vs. Cholera in Zimbabwe

The day began quite promising. The roads were stuck in ice so I could stay at home and solve problems for the SAT next week instead of spending the day in our cold school.

While I was drinking my tea I was listening to BTV and of course the main topic was that streets are too slipery. They repeated it about a thousand times but it is something usual to say news from this type a lot of times so I didn’t pay much attention. Then accidentally while I was changing the chanels I saw CNN news.

Hm, I was so concentrated on them that even amazed myself… they were talking about things like cholera in Zimbabwe where thousands of people die from a curable disease, about Europe’s gas crisis and then I remembered BTV’s news earlier in the morning. About an hour passed away and I was just sitting and thinking. There was a huge striking difference. The information presented in the news in Bulgaria is mainly about car crashes and other such “important” things while there are far greater problems in the world.

How is it expected to solve a particular problem when you don’t know it exists? How important is the influence of the news, in fact?

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The Right thing?

I often wonder on what is the right thing to do in order to help someone, but let me a brief story and to talk about this after that.

My father told me about one of his recent patients- a hare, which had a car accident and people who almost had killed it wanted to help it and brought it in the clinic. The hare was with broken leg and my father made a surgery and put an iron cramp (hope that’s the right word) so that his leg could get better. Everything should had been already fine but this was a hare- totaly stressed from all these experiences and it refused to eat. To made it eat they had to let it free at the place where it had an accident. However, with the iron in his leg his chances were less than none. He easily can become prey fror any predator and if the predator is a fox, for example, there is a big chance to break its teeth with the iron and not to be able to eat. Now we will have two dead animals istead of one.

Good intentions are something very nice. – Aren’t they? And a clear consciousness is very important for people but sometimes the results are more important. Perhaps, there is no right thing at all.

Now a song of SOAD comes to my mind “Kill Rock’n’Roll” – the singer had killed a hare and was sorry so he wrote a song …

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Hello :)

Perhaps in my first post I must explain about my nickname. I love dreaming, and one day I realized that my favourite dreams are such that can sound quite unachievable, but in fact that is what attracts me most in these things- that they are hard, and in order to achieve them I must pay a lot of efforts, and this increases even more my interest in them. If it is easy it won’t be interesting, isn’t it? So I love the “unachievable” things, and I believe that I can achieve them. That’s all for now. Be optimistic! 🙂

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